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    Waste Minimization Technology

Waste Stream Management

First developed in 2007, JOA’s waste minimization technologies are rooted in TRIZ methodology, or the theory of inventive problem solving. These proprietary JOA technologies allow manufacturers to increase efficiency and reduce waste.

To learn more about any of these technologies, contact a member of our sales staff or send us a message.

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Automatic Cuff Correction System

Our patented technology identifies, prevents and corrects defects in the cuff section of the product construction, including cuff folding and elastics. This responsive technology enables correction without stopping the machine, preventing rejected products associated with shut down and ramp up.

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Web Defect Detection

Our web defect detection individually rejects spliced materials before combined to form an end product. If defects are detected in components before being combined to an end product, the application is automatically prevented and the material is rejected. This reduces wasted material costs associated with rejecting a full product.

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Low Roll Splice Initiation System (LRSIS)

LRSIS allows for the minimization of waste on a material roll. Using patented technology, the LRSIS system reduces your wasted material costs by minimizing the amount of material remaining on a roll before initiating a splice, regardless of changes in core size.

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Acquisition Material Correction

During production, acquisition material can flip and cause thousands of scrap products. Using JOA's Acquisition Correction System, our converting lines can detect if the material flips and automatically correct the material to the proper orientation without stopping the machine. This not only saves time and money due to bad product, but also avoids any additional rejects associated with stopping and starting the line.

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Stretch Material Auto Rethread

JOA's Stretch Material Auto Rethread System automatically corrects for material breaks without stopping the machine. If a break occurs, the process feeds the material through the unit as part of the auto-recovery system. This feature allows the machine to continue to run while only rejecting the few products affected by the break.