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    Reduce Adhesive Costs

Looking to eliminate glue applications in your production process?

Joa integrates ultrasonic technologies that can lower your material, energy and maintenance costs while increasing product performance.

Contact us to learn more about integrating ultrasonic technology into your product construction. We would be happy to offer our R&D capabilities for trial runs as you develop your next product idea.

Here are some of our standard ultrasonic applications.

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Cuff Tackdown & Attach

Eliminate two glue heads with either a fixed blade or rotary ultrasonic application, depending on your product/process needs. Bonding speeds up to 650 meters per minute.

Elastic-Entrapment-3.jpg Thumbnail

Leg Elastics

Rotary process that combines edge folding and hem closure. Stretched elastic strands and non-woven material pass through a rotary ultrasonic horn and anvil. The drum and anvil entrap the elastic strands in the non-woven material, eliminating the need, and cost, of adhesives.


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Improve wetness distribution and product performance with our fixed blade process. We can help you achieve a unique pattern to help your product stand out in the marketplace.

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Tab Attachment

Our rotary process eliminates start-up waste due to dried glue on products. It will also significantly lower your operating costs for an expensive glue application, as the tab attachment sometimes requires a dedicated glue tank and ancillary adhesive equipment.

Stetch-Lamination-3.jpg Thumbnail

Stretch Lamination

We have the most efficient stretch lamination process in the industry, requiring less material and neckdown. Our process will also improve product performance, providing a more natural fit for the end user.

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Edge Folding

Ultrasonic edge folding available for waist or leg, with waist fold available in both rotary and fixed blade ultrasonic units.