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Over 80 Years of Experience

We provide world-class engineering services for custom product design, manufacturing and certification. Over the last 80 years, our engineers have developed hundreds of machines, conversions and modifications for a broad range of customers. Our experience gives us the ability to provide unsurpassed engineering expertise in a wide array of manufacturing processes.

Our Unique Products

Over the years, we’ve been issued numerous U.S. and international patents for the unique products and processes developed by Joa engineers.

Meeting Your Specific Requirements

Since we supply machinery worldwide, our equipment has to meet a variety of codes and standards. Joa works closely with customers to meet all their local and plant-specific requirements. We also have experience in building machines that meet CE Marking requirements, which are rapidly becoming a world-wide safety standard.

Your Partner Through Every Step

Joa engineers work with you from the design stage through delivery, closely monitoring the machine from start-up to checkout. We can recommend design changes or modifications for improved manufacturing and cost savings.

Bring your production ideas to Joa and our engineers will make them a reality. Contact us today to learn more.