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    J7I-AP Adult Pant Machine

The new J7I-AP utilizes the industry-leading technology from the current J8T-AP machine available in full metric, with lower speeds and an economical footprint.

  • Turret Unwinds with At-Speed Splicing – No accumulator reduces unwind footprint and web wrinkling, runs lower GSM webs and also includes integrated diameter detection.
  • Coreforming System – Modular engineering for customer specific core design
  • Insert Attachment – Adhesive application up to cut edge, eliminating a cover strip

Production Speed


Products Per Minute

Machine Speed


Meters Per Minute

  • Machine Features
  • Product Features
  • Specifications

Two-level machine design, including Machine Equipment Platform (MEP)

Vertical Reciprocating Conveyor to elevate material rolls to MEP

Turret unwinds without accumulators for splicing

Full-speed splicing of raw materials

Metering function for each turret unwind, allowing easy web-up of machine

Ergonomic and operator-friendly web paths

Single product reject

Custom-designed machine process for special machine features

Complete direct servo-drive technology (Siemens, Rockwell, Mitsubishi)

Integration of customer-specified commercial hardware, including adhesive or ultrasonic processes

Vision system integration

Web tracking and web-tension control

Compliance with global safety and electrical standards

Coreforming  Options

Core Types:

  • Single or Dual Core
  • 2D or 3D core design
  • Continuous or discreet core 
  • Shaped or straight core

Pre-made and air-laid core application

Pulp-less core process

High-density core (HDC) process

Core wrap types

C-wrap with cover

  • Single wraparound
  • Sandwich wrap 
  • Pouch

Core wrap material - Tissue/nonwoven

Insert Options

In-line backsheet lamination

Intermittent poly backsheet application

Registered backsheet

Standing leg gathers/cuff for three-piece topsheet construction

Ultrasonic entrapment of cuff elastics

Curved leg elastics and die cut

Automatic ADL orientation correction system

Automatic cuff-fold correction system

Wetness indicator

Lotion application

Chassis Options

Full outer nonwoven or split front and back panels

Lamination of inner and outer nonwoven

Waist elastics

Parallel curved thigh elastics

In-line stretch film lamination

Elastic deactivation - crush or traditional cut

Leg die cut

Ultrasonic dual side seam bonding unit

Back tab

Single product pouch wrap

Machine speed – 300 products per minute

Product sizes – Small to XXL

Can meet CE/NFPA/OSHA compliance and regulations

85dBA capable