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To ensure your comfort, safety and the confidentiality of any discussions, Joa has developed the following guidelines, which we ask that you review prior to your visit. If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact your Joa host.


Privacy is important part of our business, ensuring the confidentiality of all of our customers. When you visit our plant, we recommend that you:

  • Refer to your project by using your Joa project number or project code name.
  • Do not wear clothing with company names or logos while visiting our plant.
  • Ensure that conversations about active projects inside our plant are held in secure areas.

Also, please understand that we support many customers and they may be using the same local hotels and restaurants. Confidentiality is recommended in these establishments as well.

Name Tags

All visitors must log in and obtain a visitor’s name badge, which must be worn throughout the visit. Visitors must be escorted by Joa personnel at all times. Name badges must be left with receptionist when leaving Joa. Project badges will be issued to customers during machine checkout and acceptance.

Cameras and Video Recording Devices

Visitors are strictly prohibited from using any form of photographic equipment within the Joa factory without the express permission and supervision of the Joa escort or project manager. Any violation of this policy is cause for immediate eviction from the premises.

Safety Glasses and Shoes

  • Safety eyewear is required for employees and visitors during any visit to manufacturing areas.
  • Steel-toed shoes are recommended when training or working on equipment.

Hearing Protection

It is recommended to wear ear protection when working near operating machinery.

Aisle Ways

Please stay in the marked aisles when walking through our manufacturing area. These aisles are marked with yellow lines. Please pay close attention to your surroundings when walking through our aisle ways.

Lock-Out/Tag-Out Policy

  • Equipment marked as locked-out/tagged-out is not operable.
  • Joa personnel and their guests are not allowed to supply power to or operate locked-out/tagged-out equipment.
  • Consult the employee issuing the lock-out/tag-out with any questions about the status of the equipment.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) Information

  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) books are located in the shop area. These sheets provide first-aid information if an employee or their guest comes in contact with chemicals, alloys and potentially harmful substances.
  • In case of accidental exposure to a potentially harmful substance, dial 70 inside the company to page a Joa First Responder to your location, then refer to the SDS.

Emergency Assistance

Dial 70 to page a Joa First Responder to your location.

Evacuation Instructions

  • Listen for alarm and any public address instructions.
  • Use wall mounted maps to find the nearest exit and outdoor emergency assembly area.
  • If possible, stay with your Joa host.


For the Curt G. Joa, Inc. Visitor Safety Agreement, click here Visitor-Safety-Agreement.pdf